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What is SEO?
SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, Every one knows what is search engine but very few people knows Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Or we can say that SEO is a process of changing rank of your website or bringing your website on google’s top ten pages.

Vaira Digital School brings you industrial training programme in Search engine optimization ours is a country’s first ever industrial based training programme.if u wish to join SEO Courses in Pune we provide SEO Trainings in Pune. In seo what we have to do is optimize our website according to google’s parameter Google has its 200-250 parameters and we have to check whether our website follows that parameter or not and according to that Google will set the rank of our website.

SEO Courses pune

Types of SEO

Seo are of three types

● White hat seo: white hat seo is also called as ethical seo. In white hat seo we follow all the guidlenes of Google. It takes time to bring the website on ranking using this method but the results are long lasting mostly SEO Training Institute in Pune teaches this method as it is ethical.

● Black hat seo: black hat seo is also called as unethical because in this method we do not follow any guidelines of using this method you can quickly rank a site but the results are not long lasting your site may get penalized for using this. generally this technique is not taught in SEO Training Institute in Pune.

● Grey hat seo: grey hat is a mixture of black hat and white hat seo.

SEO Courses Content:

Search Engine & Basics

Website & Basics

Keywords Research and Analysis

On Page Optimization

Advance SEO Tools

Off Page Optimization

Algorithms & Updates

Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Advantages of choosing our SEO Courses in Pune

We have designed our Seo Courses in Pune for both students and professionals before taking decision of joining our SEO Courses in Pune you should know the advantages

● Flexible batch timings

● Thorough focus on on-page and off-page techniques

● We give trainings on effective seo techniques

● We teach the current trends in SEO

● 10+ Years Experienced Faculties

● Work on Live Projects

● Affordable Fee

So, why wait, Join Vaira Digital School, the SEO Training Institute in Pune, India.

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