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Why career in Digital Marketing?

Career In Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest trend in market.  It’s like a hot cake currently and in future. Everybody want to get into digital marketing segment to grow and promote their business or services through digital media (through online).  To name a few people from all walks of life are trying their hands, like people from engineering, management, service industry,  marketing and sales, HR professional, business person,  to house staying people. Everybody have realized the need to be online connected. Every company wants such expert personal to grow and manage their business online. Due to this there is huge requirement is created in the market for such people.  Currently there are more then 10 lacs fresher job openings available in this segment. You can either take this as a employment opportunity with some company,  work part time to earn extra quick money along with your present occupation or work as a is like a must learn for everybody now. You should learn this and stay connected to the future...

Career Roles In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager

Web Analyst

Inbound Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

Search Engine Analyst

SEO Executives

Content Writers

Average Package For Digital Marketers In India

RoleExp(Years)Salary (Rs Lakhs PA)
Digital Marketing Executive0-11.5-3.5
Digital Marketing Specialist1-32.0-5.0
Digital Marketing Team Lead2-43.0-7.0
Digital Marketing Head5-1010.0-30.0
Social Media Manager6-88.0-10.0
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